This is the tale, in a few parts, of how I got to where I am right now - creating and hand casting simple but sophisticated sterling silver jewelry for Dog Parents, Fur Moms and Dads, to honor and celebrate the love and bond they share with their Fur babies.

The two constants in my life from day one have been: passionate love for animals and creativity in many forms.  I spent my formative years as a 70’s kid, and I lived to be ‘outside’ - in the woods, fields, streams, ponds, and a barn or two, unless otherwise commanded.  At the same time, I was an artisan from the time I can first remember, with many diverse artisanal ‘periods’. I threw myself headlong into each creative ‘period.’ Materials were often sourced in unusual ways, and animals and nature, brimming with wildlife, inspired in me a collusion between untamed imagination and a strong impulse to forge things with my hands.  

For example, during my middle school clay-working period, I was not car-pooled to a ceramics class to enjoy tutorials and lessons on a wheel. Who knew that even existed? Rather, one day while digging around in the woods, I hit upon a trove of red clay! Gritty and raw, I brought it home in buckets to work into bowl after bowl after bowl. Sun dried. No kiln necessary.  And certainly no wheel! Just a kid covered in wet red clay sitting on the back patio, immersed in the process of transforming slippery, squishy lumps into recognizable objects.

Cape Cod summers produced a candle making period, similarly instigated. After foraging through the dumpsters behind the now extinct Cape Cod Candle Shop, I would haul away incredible bounty - pounds upon pounds of discarded wax in the form of imperfect candles. So many colors!  It was thrilling. The unloved candles were melted down in old pots. We’d pour the hot wax into hollows - molds - dug into the beach. Waiting for the wax to cool was sublime. And then voila! Re-claimed candles!! They represented the apotheosis of ‘organic’ - in shape, temperament and sand encrustation, often with shells embedded around the outside.

70’s glam! Me on far right - about to conquer the world!!

70’s glam! Me on far right - about to conquer the world!!

kate holmes