The desire to create a collection of jewelry that celebrates and honors our dogs came to me at a time when my two Mexican street mutts saved me. They knew I’d hit a rough patch. Their balancing, nurturing, grounding presence proved to be the legendary stuff of ‘best friend,’ providing an unconditional shoulder to cry on, laughter in the darkest moments, unwavering faith in me getting back to my best self. Anyone who has a deep connection with a dog will understand this.

A fine artist and life long hand-forger of things, but self-taught as a jeweler, I’ve had a lengthy journey to meet my vision for this collection. My favorite jewelry designers imbue their work with profound meaning. They consider their pieces talismans that have the power to connect, protect, remind and inspire. My work has the same intention. Talismans for dog lovers that become personal and significant, connecting the wearer to a four pawed soul mate.

Simplicity done well is the ultimate form of sophistication. I love ‘things’ that exude what is essential nothing more, and yet manifest timeless beauty. To me that is brave. And perfect. My talismans for dog lovers aim to achieve this apotheosis, and provide humans who share a unique and profound bond with their pups a way to express this love.

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