I have spent a few years learning how to create and shape this collection. ”When you try to make almost anything, you are probably working in a tradition, whether you know it or not. It is almost more interesting not to know it, and only belatedly come to see the tradition working in you before you were conscious of yourself working in it.”*

I believe that dogs enhance our humanity, and our relationships with them are just as important as the human relationships we often commemorate with symbolic jewelry.

The very nature of a talisman is timeless, and substantial. As a design ethos I believe in simplicity. Simplicity, done well, is the ultimate form of sophistication. My goal has been to take ‘jewelry for dog lovers’ to the next level, with pieces that combine highest quality hand-made craftsmanship and essential design.

What’s great about ‘hand made’ is the glimpse you get into the heart and soul propelling the creative journey - the character of the artist is imprinted on the thing. In my mind, this is important. The continuum of things made by hand is a continuum of the world as a beautiful place to live in.

I love the process of becoming a really great ‘craftsman.’ For me, it's the quest to imbue a tangible thing with my best self. And inspire others who share my ‘artisanal’ values along the way.


Kate has a BA from Brown University. She pursued a successful career in painting for several decades and owned two galleries - in San Miguel de Allende and Cape Cod - before turning her attention to silversmithing.

*Franklin Burroughs